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Symphony No. 15
Movement  1                                      
Movement  2                                   
Movement  3                                   
Movement  4                                   

Paolo & Francesca An Historically true, 13thC., tragic love story
Scene 1.  Prologue, Francesca & Paolo's Love Theme - Strife between the Malatestas and the Riminis - The Malatestas and the Riminis make peace - Francesca da Rimini - Giovanni Malatesta -
Marriage between Francesca and Giovanni (the couple are very ill-suited) - Paolo Malatesta (Giovanni's brother) -Paolo & Francesca ( these two are well suited), but both are already married and keep their relationship platonic.
Scene 2.  Paolo & Francesca read the Love Story of the French knight, Lancelot and the English Queen, Guinevere. Overwhelming desire is kindled and they kiss for the first time.
Scene 3. Paolo & Francesca make Love
Scene 4. Paolo & Francesca are deeply in love, keep their illicit love a secret and spend time together, for about ten years.
Scene 5.  Paolo & Francesca make Love.
Scene 6. Paolo & Francesco spend time together.
Scene 7. Finally, after becoming suspicious of his wife and brother, Giovanni discovers them alone in Francesca's bedroom, and immediately kills them both.