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The following 5 compositions were inspired by the Paintings of John Everett Millais , one of the most famous British Painters of the 19th centuary.
Isabella     Painted 1848-49

Based on John Keat's Poem, "Isabella", which depicts the Love between Lorenzo and Isabella and her two brothers' deturmination to destroy their relationship. 
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 Mariana  Painted 1850-1   Based on Tennyson's Poem,"Mariana",itself based on Shakespeare's, "Measure for Measure", Mariana has been rejected by her fiancee, when her considerable dowry is lost at sea. Mariana now leads a lonely life and is painfully torn between spiritual prayer and physical yearning.  
 The Black Brunswicker  Painted  1859-60
The time is  15 June,1815 , the day before the Battle of Waterloo. A young Brunswickian Cavalryman parts from his Lover, before the first fight against the French, the day before the main battle. The German Brunswickers suffered terrible losses in this initial engagement and the young man would have almost certainly been killed.

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