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Scene 6.             INTERLUDE  OF  24  YEARS
               ( 9'22" )

Scene 7.            The Re-Trial
A posthumous retrial opened after the War ended. Pope Callixtus 111 authorized this proceeding at the request of the Inspector General, Jean Brehal and Jeanne's mother, Isabelle Romee.
Investigations started with an inquest by the priest, Guillaume Bouille. Jean Brehal conducted an investigation in 1452. A formal appeal followed in 1455.
The appellate process involved clergy throughout Europe and observed court procedure. A panel of theologians analysed testimony from 115 witnesses.
Jean Brehal produced his final summery in 1456, which implicated Pierre Cauchon with heresy for having convicted an innocent woman in pursuit of a secular vendetta.
The appelate court declared Jeanne innocent on 7th July, 1456.
         ( 3'02" )

Pope Callixtus 111                                       Jeanne in Cathedrale  Notre Dame, Paris