Gallery page 34. Jeanne d'Arc. pages 33-38

Jeanne is sent to Poitiers, before being sent into battle, to be examined by a learned group of doctors and bishops. They are most impressed by her ardent faith, and by the honesty and simplicity of her answers to their searching questions.
On returning to Chinon, instead of accepting the sword offered to her by the Dauphin, Jeanne begs that a search be made for the ancient sword buried behind the alter, in the Chapel of Ste-Catherine- de- Fierbois, as indicated by her voices. The sword was found in that spot.

Scene 3.  AT WAR WITH THE ENGLISH .  Raising of the siege of Orleans
Jeanne leads the French forces into Orleans, on April 30th, 1429. Her presence works wonders and by May 8th, the English
 forts that had encircled the city, had all been captured, and the siege of Orleans raised.
Jeanne wishes to exploit her military advantage, but Charles and his military advisers are slow to respond. After many
 entreaties, Jeanne begins a short campaign on the Loire, and following further successes, a great victory is won at the battle of Patay. After further dilly dallying by Charles and his advisers, they advanced to the city of RHEIMS, where, on Sunday, 17th July, 1429, Charles was crowned,Jeanne standing beside him with her standard, " for it has shared in the toil, it is just that it should share in the Victory".