Gallery page 33. Jeanne d'Arc. pages 33-38

Jeanne d'Arc      Jeanne meets Dauphin
Scene 1.  Jeanne aged about 16
Jeanne hears the voices of St Michael, St Catherine, and St Margaret
Jeanne's voices tell her to travel to Vaucouleurs to get help in gaining access to the Dauphin, at Chinon,
to implore him to fight the English and drive them from French soil. 
Jeanne travels to Vaucouleurs, where she is faced with Robert de Baudricourt, a rough, dissolute soldier, who             governs for the Dauphin, in the town. He scathingly dismisses her request and send her packing.
A disappointed Jeanne returns home.
       ( 6'01" )

Scene  2.  Jeanne's voices, with increasing urgency, command her to return to Vaucouleurs, to seek help to travel to Chinon to meet the Dauphin. Jeanne resists, saying that, " I am a poor girl, I do not know how to ride, nor fight" but her voices tell her that it is God who commands her to go.
Jeanne undertakes a second journey to Vaucouleurs in January, 1429.
At Vaucouleurs, Baudricourt is still sceptical of Jeanne's mission but she persists. On February 17th, she predicts a great French defeat outside Orleans,  (the Battle of the Herrings), which enhances Jeanne's reputation. Finally, Baudricourt gives her a three man escort to undertake the long, dangerous, journey to Chinon, to meet the Dauphin.
Jeanne arrives at Chinon, on March 6th, 1429.
The Court of Dauphin, Charles V11
A strong Party, at the Court, led by the royal favourite, La Tremoille, oppose Jeanne.
Jeanne enters the Court, the Dauphin is in disguise, to test Jeanne, but she recognises him, without hesitation.
Jeanne's voices tell her a secret concerning the Dauphin, which when communicated to him, in private, leads him to half-heartidly  believe in her mission.