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Part 2. Letter 1. Heloise to Abelard
"Not long ago, my beloved, by chance, someone brought me the letter of consolation you had sent to a devote your care to another's vineyard, think of what you owe to your own......apart from anything else, consider the close tie by which you have bound yourself to me......and so in the precarious early days of our conversion long ago I was not a little surprised and troubled by your know, beloved, how much I have lost in you......I have found strength in your command to destroy myself.......I did more, strange to say - my love rose to such heights of madness that it robbed itself of what it most desired beyond hope of recovery......God knows I never sought anything in you except yourself; I wanted simply you, nothing of yours but sweeter to me will always be the word mistress......tell me one thing, if you can,why,after our entry into religion, which was your decision alone, have I been so neglected and forgotten by you......tell me, I say,if you can - or I will tell you what I think and indeed the World suspects It was desire, not affection which bound you to me, the flame of lust rather than love......and somehow cover up the way you hold me cheap".
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Part 2. Letter 2.  Abelard to Heloise
In a long letter, Abelard tries to make an explanation of his conduct.
This music is composed by Peter Abelard, himself, and comes from his,
'HYMNS  &  SEQUENCES  FOR  HELOISE' . This particular piece is titled  -
O Quanta Qualia. I have taken the original 12th century voice chant and arranged it for virtual orchestra ( the Garritan Personal Orchestra).