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Abelard   &   Heloise
1079 - 1142                1100-01 - 1163-64
Abelard, living only for the art of 'disputation'#, travels around the French provinces, practising his chosen profession, wherever and whenever possible. Eventually, he arrives in Paris.
Abelard joins the Cloister school, at Notre Dame, in about 1100. The head of the school is William of Champeaux. Abelard 'disputes' with William, prevails against him, gains reputation, and sets up a rival school at Mont St Genevieve, from which arose the Paris University. Many of William's pupils join Abelard's school.
Abelard decides to study Theology, and seeks out the greatest teacher, Anselm. Abelard learns little, 'disputes' with Anselm, prevails and returns to Paris, his reputation further enhanced and having added Theology to his teaching skills.He becomes head of the Cloister school in Paris and gains students from all over the civilized world.
Abelard is now at the top of his game. He is a brilliant teacher, able to inspire them with the greatest enthusiasm.

'disputation'/disputatio. Abelard was at the forefront of this new movement of teaching, 'disputatio', to replace the traditional teaching method, 'lectio' . In  lectio' teaching , the subject was set in stone, and not to be questioned. But in the new 'disputatio' teaching, stimulating conversation was encouraged between teacher and students.

Part 1 (1 of 2 ).
Intro. Abelard..........Abelard 'disputes' ..........Abelard,the teacher, attracts enthusiastic students..........Abelard 'disputes' with William of Champeaux on philosophic matters and prevails.........Abelard's reputation is greatly increased amongst his students...........
Abelard the teacher...........Abelard 'disputes' with Anselm on theological matters and prevails.....................Abelard's reputation is further increased and he is now attracting students from all over the civilized world. he is at the top of his game.