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Circe  Act 2  Scene 3. The following morning
Circe welcomes the dawn.....Circe pays homage to her father, Helios, the sun god.....Circe dances
Circe's maidens dance.....Circe restores Odysseus's men to better than their original shape.....Circe puts down her magic wand.....Odysseus's men dance

Circe's maidens dance
Hermes enters and dances
Eurylochus enters and dances
Circe dances
Odysseus dances 
Circe dances seductively
Odysseus dances with Circe; he picks up her discarded wand and with a flourish, hands it to her.
All turn to Circe and bow.
Part 2 of 2                                             14'18"
                                                                                               Total Piece  54'53"