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Circe  Act 2. Scene 1.
Odysseus, returning from Troy, has landed on Circe's island of Aeaea. 
Circe has invited Odysseus's crew to a feast, having laced the food with one of her magic potions. Odysseus and a few crew members have stayed behind with the ship.
The crew eat and drink whilst Circe's maidens dance. The crew, now a little the worse for drink, try to stand up and dance.
Circe steps forward,points her wand at the crew, whereupon they all turn into pigs, except Eurylochus, who had suspected treachery from the start                                      6'14"

Circe    Act 2  Scene 2.
Eurylochus runs back to Odysseus to tell him of the crew's fate
Odysseus listens to Eurylochus
Odysseus prepares to set out to rescue his men. Eurylochus cannot be persuaded to accompany him.
Whilst on his way to Circe's mansion, Odysseus is stopped by the appearance of the god, Hermes, who foretells the events that will soon come to pass between Circe and Odysseus.(Odysseus and Hermes stand on the side of the stage, "watching", whilst the parts of Odysseus and Hermes are played by 'doubles'.
Circe offers "Odysseus" a cup of wine, laced with one of her magic potions."Odysseus drinks, but is unaffected, as he has been made immune to its affect by the herb, holy moly, that Hermes has given him.
"Odysseus draws his sword as if to attack him. "Circe starts to seduce him. Odysseus makes Circe swear that there will be no treachery after lechery. They move towards Circe's bed.