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Circe  Music for Ballet in 2 Acts inspired by the paintings of John William Waterhouse 1849 -- 1917

Act 1. Scene 1  Circe and her maidens                                                  4'19"
On her island home of Aeaea, Circe welcomes the dawn.
Circe pays homage to her father, Helios, the sun god.
Dance of Circe.
Circe's maidens prepare to of Circe's maidens

Act 1. Scene 2  Circe, Glaucus, and Scylla                                      10'43"
Stormy seascape....Glaucus.....Scylla.....Glaucus implores Scylla to love him.
Scylla rejects Glaucus.....Glaucus seeks help from Circe regarding Scylla's rejection.....whilst listening to Glaucus, Circe falls in love with Glaucus. Circe asks for Glaucus's love. Glaucus rejects Circe and reaffirms his love for Scylla.

Act 1. Scene 3  Circe poisons the pool where Scylla bathes  3'26"
Circe poisons the pool
Act 1. Scene 4  Scylla bathes in the pool and turns into a terrible monster                                                                                                                           3'04"             TOTAL 21'32"