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El Cid (continued)
Scene 2. Rodrigo, most reluctantly, duells with Chimene's father, Gormas
                       Rodrigo strikes Gormas
                       Gormas lies mortally wounded
                       Gormas's servants appear......a multitude of onlookers appear..........
                       Chimene appears & realises that  her lover, Rodrigo, has killed her father                                                 5'05"                                                                                                                   
Scene3.(1of2).At the Royal Palace, a festive mood prevails, and the poplace rejoices over the beauties of Spring.The Court has not yet heard of the death of Gormas. A series of dances ensues.                                                                                     12'07"
Scene 3 (2of2).
The entertainment continues
The death of Gormas is announced
Chimene demands Rodrigo's life
An envoy of the Moors enters and declares War
Rodrigo is made Head of the Army and vows to return victorious and to face his accusers
Scene 4 (1of2)
Rodrigo returns victorious. He returns to the Court, in triumph, and to face judgement from the king.  The king tells Chimene that she must decide Rodrigo's fate. Chimene says that she cannot forgive Rodrigo.
Scene 4 (2of2)
Rodrigo threatens to kill himself, whereupon, Chimene foregives Rodrigo. Rodrigo hugs Chimene and there is general rejoicing.
                      TOTAL 32'47"               3'38"