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The Story of Ruth.    Bible > Old Testament >After Book of Judges > Book of Ruth

Here, I have tried to tell, in music, the beautiful  Story of Ruth. I have employed a full Symphony Orchestra, and a wind machine for  scene 5, (where Naomi and Ruth travel from the Land of Moab back to Israel), to express the hardships that they had to endure during the journey. Back in Israel, Ruth falls in love with Boaz and a Wedding follows. Feel free to join in the Wedding Dance in Scene 8!


Scene 1. Introduction
Scene 2. Naomi in the Land of Moab
Scene 3. Ruth
Scene 4. Ruth & Naomi
Scene 5. The Journey. Naomi returns to Bethlehem with Ruth
Scene 6. Boaz
Scene 7. Boaz and Ruth fall in Love
Scene 8. Boaz & Ruth dance at their Wedding
Scene 9. Finale

This Painting, by Julius Schnorr Carolsfeld, is displayed in the National Gallery, LONDON


Scenes 1-5.

Scenes 6-9.





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